The Center supports research on issues of immediate importance to resource managers and policymakers who are challenged to manage the San Francisco Estuary’s natural resources. Obligated to provide a reliable supply of water to agriculture and urban users while protecting and recovering threatened and endangered species and restoring their degraded habitats, responsible state and federal resources agencies face misinformation and critical uncertainties about how at-risk fishes and their habitats are affected by environmental stressors. The Center recognizes Congress’ directive that determinations and decision under the federal Endangered Species Act should be informed by the best available scientific information. The Center’s investigative agenda is intended to provide that scientific information and offer procedural guidance to engage it in structured decision-making and adaptive resource management.

Contaminants are suspected as culprits influencing the abundance of many aquatic species in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Organophosphates, effective insecticides that come with health risks, have been largely replaced by pyrethroids, which are safer humans. But large storm events can wash pyrethroids into waterways raising concerns about aquatic contamination; in fact they have been found […]